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Countess Blue Rose-1590.jpg

Edition 1

countess grotesque // denise moretti // peter kelly
// miss twisted // kat short // harpi van der mourn
// bobbie lyne // bec // melbournegirls studio


Felix and Dem Photo black background.jpg


A gothic clothing label for the

Harpi van der Mourn


Red Hot Black

High Fashion + Gothic = Charissa.

Charissa Jayne Bowers


Kat Short

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Mike Boyd

DSC_7823-Edit-2 (1).jpg

Denise Moretti

See her passion, sense of drama and fun.

Mike Boyd

DSC_5577 copy_edited-3.jpg

Miss Twisted: Top Australian Alternative Model

Miss Twisted’s Neo Vamp concept morphs into a moral tale.

Mike Boyd

P Kelly Naked Cabin close up.jpg

Peter Kelly

Quirky, bizarre, whimsical and definitely odd ball!

Peter Kelly

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