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Edition 5

daniel chase primal ryhthm
marisha dudek embrace your glitter punk // mike boyd cabaret!
frank packer guardian of the north // peter kelly naughty nurses
fiachra dubh watchers // m.a.d. fashion showcase


09 DSC_0397.jpg

m.a.d. Fashion Showcase

A theatrical fashion show created by designers to showcase the best
of Melbourne’s alternative fashion.

Melbourne Artists

GlitterPunk MD Photography_10.jpg

Embrace Your Glitter Punk

Step out onto the streets in your Punk Style, with that traditional smoky dark eyes and leather jacket, take a risk, make a statement, add glitter.

Marisha Dudek

DSC_2098 (1).jpg

Beauteous Erica

Erica Olina is an actor and model based in Melbourne, Australia.

Mike Boyd


Little Red Riding Hood

Starred by Lady Usagi.

Peter Kelly

DSC00109 Photographer _ Angel (1).jpg

Nina Barbarina

A model of beautiful contrasts.

Mike Boyd



1920’s Berlin Cabaret was the inspiration.

Mike Boyd

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