Edition 5

daniel chase primal ryhthm
marisha dudek embrace your glitter punk // mike boyd cabaret!
frank packer guardian of the north // peter kelly naughty nurses
fiachra dubh watchers // m.a.d. fashion showcase


Melbourne Artists

m.a.d. Fashion Showcase

A theatrical fashion show created by designers to showcase the best
of Melbourne’s alternative fashion.

Marisha Dudek

Embrace Your Glitter Punk

Step out onto the streets in your Punk Style, with that traditional smoky dark eyes and leather jacket, take a risk, make a statement, add glitter.

Mike Boyd

Beauteous Erica

Erica Olina is an actor and model based in Melbourne, Australia.

Peter Kelly

Little Red Riding Hood

Starred by Lady Usagi.

Mike Boyd

Nina Barbarina

A model of beautiful contrasts.

Mike Boyd


1920’s Berlin Cabaret was the inspiration.

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