Edition 6

daniel kneebone femme magnifique
vicky papas-vergara jeanette maree jewellery
mike boyd bridezilla // peter kelly alice in wonderland
lori cicchini wall flowers // alexandra chambers celestial bodies


Alexandra Chambers

Celestial Bodies

A evening of live performance, video projection and luminous displays.

Mike Boyd


Joined to the Bot -
Personality sucked away
Disintegrated soul

Vicky Papas-Vergara

Jeanette Marie Jewellery

In Search of Fame, Money, Love, Art.

Mike Boyd


The classic ‘mirror mirror on the wall’ scenario, brought to you in Alt Life style by two talented models.

Peter Kelly

Alice in Wonderland

Starred by Bobbie Lyne and Victoria Rotar.

Mike Boyd

Killing Bill

Catch me if you can!

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